EVTripping Timeline

The timeline below shows the evolution and history of EVTripping as well as major improvements and changes as they occur. Stay tuned as we have much more to come!
  • 8/12/17 August

    Model 3

    With the launch of the Model 3 we've made some adjustments to support it.

    • We had some guesses for battery sizes and ranges in EVTripping for early support of the Model 3, but now that Elon has let us know the actual battery sizes and ranges we've updated EVTripping to reflect that information. If you're taking trips in the Model 3 and see calculations that don't match your actual experience, please let us know!
    • By request we've added support for Bitcoin donations:

      Any and all support is much appreciated!

    • We've had some struggles with the email support for EVTripping. We use a free email service that doesnt like the large numbers of emails we send out to our users (almost 7,000 now!). To fix that, we made changes to the open source package we use for bulk emails and gave that back to the community. That has helped keep the email rates below our provider's thresholds. These issues eat a lot of time and take away from focus on features, but our current priority is keeping our costs under control.
    • Fixed handling of "avoid" preferences, like avoid ferries.
    • Fix metric units reporting of detail step average speed.
  • 7/8/17 July


    We've been focusing on stability items:

    • Tesla has been updating/adding Superchargers at a rapid pace. Along the way their data set gets temporarily confused and there are oddities like 2 "Lexington Superchargers". We've been making quick fixes to get by these as they come up.
    • We've been doing some more research on CHAdeMO. While the site support is still light, we bit the bullet and purchased a CHAdeMO charger and used it on a recent 1,800 mile road trip. That was a learning experience we'll be blogging about and we'll be thinking more about how non-Tesla fast chargers can be incorporated into EVTripping.
    • As luck would have it, the email system got stuck during our road trip. That's now unblocked. EVTripping sends a lot of emails to new and existing users (always at their request -- no unsolicited emails here) and it can bug our (free) email provider.
    • Fixed latest software seen on the site metrics.
  • 4/22/17 April

    Routing Adjustments

    We've made some routing adjustments based on some great user feedback.

    • When odd routes occur sometimes user report them and we chase them down and add tests to make sure the issue doesnt happen again. We fixed a few of those.
    • We've added a new power adjustment option that will factor up or down the expected power use for your car. Some people think we're too optimistic on the power use, and some think the exact opposite! This will allow people to tune the calculations to their preference and account for things like towing trailers, ski racks, etc.
  • 3/5/17 March

    AWS & Tesla battle

    Last week Amazon AWS had a big outage. Around the same time, AWS and Tesla seemingly went to war. It was on and off for a while, but now it seems the Tesla car APIs are consistently inaccesible from AWS while being available from other hosting sites such as Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. While the Tesla monitoring portion of the site is not our major focus, it has been very popular and most alternative sites are not free. We've worked around the Tesla/AWS block and added some other enhancements.

    • To keep costs as low as possible we pre-paid for AWS for a year. In addition to the expense, it's a real pain to move the site elsewhere and there's no saying that Tesla or someone else won't block it again. Our solution was to create a secure traffic route for the Tesla traffic while leaving the entire site on AWS. This will allow us to quickly adapt to the changing landscape and keeps our costs low.
    • By popular request we now accept one-time donations via Paypal too. Find this Paypal link on the contact page and a few other places:
    • Another low risk site security item was found by the HackerOne folks and fixed within 12 hours of the find.
    • Route history payload values are correctly preserved in users units.
  • 2/12/17 February

    Winter weather & Fallback routes

    Over time, we've had a lot of questions and feedback on the "Unable to route" warning that can happen at times. So, by popular request, we're adding support for routing even when preferences/conditions would not yield a valid route.

    • If we find a trip cannot be routed due to user preferences including speed adjustment, battery degradation, safety margin, etc we will now fall back to the default settings and calculate the route with those instead. A warning will be displayed on the route summary and route details when this happens.
    • If we find a trip cannot be routed due to current/projected weather conditions we will now fall back to a basic 72F/22C temperature for the trip calculation and provide a warning. There are times of the year when some routes are very tight or even impossible and this fallback will help you determine if the routing challenge is weather related. If so, you can try planning your route at a future or past point in time when the weather may be more favorable. Set the trip departure time to do that.
  • 1/29/17 January

    Car Stats

    We're working on building out some more car information in the new Car Stats section.

    • You can now see the raw Tesla API information for your car for all the various categories of information. We hope you'll find this useful and informative.
  • 1/1/17 January

    Weather improvements

    We've been getting some feedback on the interaction of weather with EVTripping now that Winter is upon us and have made some improvements in weather handling.

    • Weather for trips planned in the future was using current weather, not the forecast weather at the time of the trip. It will now use the weather forecast for your planned trip time (or current weather if no trip time provided).
    • For comparisons with actual trips, trips may now be planned in the past. The weather used will be the historical weather recorded for that trip time.
  • 12/28/16 December

    Bug fixing & weather improvements

    It seems the Holiday season is a fun time for hackers/testers to knock on the doors and see who's home. Had to add a number of fixes to catch edge cases,

    We've also been getting some feedback on the interaction of weather with EVTripping and have made some improvements in that area listed below.

    • Weather for trips planned in the future was using current weather, not the forecast weather at the time of the trip. It will now use the weather forecast for your planned trip time (or current weather if no trip time provided).
    • For comparisons with actual trips, trips may now be planned in the past. The weather used will be the historical weather recorded for that trip time.
    • Fix a few race conditions that were causing some warnings.
    • Handle cases were people are playing with the URLs during various testing/hack attempts.
    • More security/stability improvements thanks to poking by @HackerOne.
  • 12/10/16 December

    Bug fixing

    Priority bug fixes.

    • Ad displays on smaller devices are finally fixed thanks to a nudge from @enotionrentals.
    • Newer chargers weren't being used for route calculations, that has been addressed.
    • Many security/stability improvements thanks to poking by @HackerOne.
    • Adjustments to reduce site operation costs.
    • Handle situation of many duplicate CHAdeMOs coming back from OpenChargeMap.org.
  • 10/22/16 October

    Bug fixing

    Priority bug fixes.

    • Email sending should finally be much more stable for charge notifications, etc.
    • Charger details popup in Route Details is now working properly.
  • 10/14/16 October

    Optimized waypoints

    For those into computer science, the trip routing is somewhat similar to the classic travelling salesman problem, but unlike that problem routing certainly does not want to stop at every stop. Sometimes, though, you do have a bunch of places to visit and you want to go about that in the perfect order while watching your charge levels etc.

    • There is now a thinking icon, , under the waypoints. Clicking that will optimize the waypoints between your start and end waypoints. Once you've optimized your waypoints and made any additional adjustments, press calculate route to get the full route information. Note that you need to have at least 4 entries in the waypoints section for this optimization button to do anything (a start address, an end address, and then at least 2 waypoints in the middle to optmize).
    • A number of other small bugs were addressed.
  • 10/1/16 October


    We've been getting a ton of feature requests, enhancement ideas, and overall great feedback from everyone and needed to provide a better way to organize and share it with our growing community. This update adds a feature requests section and we'll be loading in the backlog of requests soon. If any of the loaded requests are from you and you'd like them to be non-anonymous please let me know.

    • Added new Feature Requests section and associated items.
    • Route avoid preferences, ferries, tolls, highways, weren't connected, they are now.
    • And several other tweaks and improvements.
  • 9/20/16 September

    Back at it

    A trip got in the way of some additions for a bit but we're back at it now.

    • We've added a couple charts for the daily log data. Let us know if there are others that would be helpful.
    • Added average Wh/mile (or km) to daily log download CSV by request.
    • Fixed daily polling for plugged in state.
    • Fixed issue with calculating regenerative braking power generation.
    • Handle the case of temporarily closed Superchargers (like Hyatt Regency London).
    • Fixed battery degradation reporting for EU vehicles (EPA vs NEDC range math issue).
    • Fixed sorting of daily tesla log data when there are days with no miles driven.
    • Moved the page with site metrics to FAQ section.
    • Added supported cars table to FAQ section.
    • And several other tweaks and improvements.
  • 9/4/16 September

    Routing options

    We finally got a break from all the routing accuracy issues and got to spend some more time on the feature backlog. It took a few days but we've got some great additions for you.

    We've had several people ask about supporting our efforts so we've set up a Patreon page if you'd like to support us. Supporters help us with the costs of maintaining EVTripping and will receive an ad-free experience.

    If you'd like to support us please visit our Patreon page and see if it's something you'd like to do.

    Here are all the new features:

    • There is now a little cog wheel () next to each waypoint. Clicking on that will bring up waypoint specific options:
      • Layover - If a departure time is specified, the layover time can be used to ensure that you will not depart that waypoint before the layover time. Note that if you get there after the layover time the layover time will be ignored. If there is no departure time then the layover time will also be ignored.
      • Able to charge at location - This indicates that you are able to plug in at the waypoint. Your routing details will indicate the minimum level you should charge to. Since waypoint/destination charging varies greatly we do not compute a charge time.
      • Example use: I'm driving from Boston to my parents in NJ, I need chargers along the way but when I get there I can plug in to a dryer outlet. I'm going to stay for a long weekend and head home. In this case i'd enter the following:
        • Start at my home address
        • End at my parents address
        • Add departure time to route options, route preferences
        • Click Round trip under route options, route preferences
        • Click the cog wheel () next to my parents address and enter a layover time for when I plan on heading home and click "Able to charge at location"
        • Press calculate route.
      • Note that these waypoint options do not apply to your starting address or final destination.
      • Please let us know if you see any oddities from the these changes.
    • Extra chargers added at the start of your trip should no longer appear.
    • In your user preferences you can now set a maximum speed. For instance, perhaps you often drive 5MPH over the speed limit but you'll never go over 70MPH.
    • For connected Teslas:
      • You can now have the system remind you for your annual service based on time or distance or the combination of the two.
      • You can now have the system remind you that your car isn't plugged in at a certain time of the day.
      • Units (miles vs km) have been fixed for the rotation notices.
    • Route history load/delete should be fixed on IE and Edge browsers now.
    • Fixed caution text on Tesla preferences page to be more readable.
    • Button placement on ad-free view on mobile devices is fixed.
  • 8/22/16 August

    More intelligent

    • We spent some time working on some of the logic around the routing algorithm for more efficient routing and faster trips.
    • We also added a shiny new feature where you can set the trip start time and then get your trip information reported based on that start date/time
    • We've cleaned up some of the routing option buttons and added a new "Reverse waypoint order" feature.
    • And several other tweaks and improvements.
    • You can now download your daily log data and we added a couple more numbers
    • Car log data polling is fixed once more.
  • 8/17/16 August

    More Responsive

    We finally got a chance to tackle some of the site responsiveness issues.

    • Buttons to show various items on map have turned into a menu.
    • Route options button now moves with map.
    • Route options panel starts off hidden if you have an active route.
    • Route options now scroll when there's more than will fit on the screen.
    • The chargers page slider now computes in your chosen distance units (km or mi) and shows its value. The page generally got a bit of a visual overhaul.
    • Time spent on ferries no longer uses kWh and isn't adjusted for your speed preference.
    • When there's no active route or you reset the route the first waypoint is now pre-filled with your current location.
    • You can now avoid/unavoid chargers. Avoided chargers are saved with your routes.
    • We now include links on the Supercharger detail pages to the discussions over at Teslarati.
    • You can now share links to your trips with others.
    • And several other tweaks and improvements.
  • 8/15/16 August

    More improvements

    Routing oddities have slowed down so we've had a chance to focus on some of the larger/longer term items..

    • You can now login with your username (case sensitive) OR email address.
    • Chargers are now only loaded for the visible portion of the screen and when enabled improving routing page performance and behavior.
    • Average power use (Wh/mi or Wh/km) is now shown on route details page and summary area for your route.
    • We're working up the nerve to take on some redesign of the routing page for improved mobile behavior.
  • 8/12/16 August

    Many fixes

    We've been banging away at large pile of contact form notices, emails and the feature list.

    Today was about fixing odd routes and improving charge calculation times:

    • Many improvements to trip waypoint displays.
    • Directions popup now honors your chosen units.
    • Changed "Reset Waypoints" to "Clear Route" by popular request.
    • Added a "Delete Route History Item" option.
    • Route history now sorts correctly.
    • Added more car models: Tesla S90, S75, S75D, X75D.
    • We now show ranges in both distance and percentage.
    • More trip leg information is in the Route download CSV.
    • If you see odd things in output for an address like [42.3600825, -71.0588801] then let me know. I've been chasing those down. Those are latitude/longitude numbers which the system uses at various points in time. Most of the time you're supposed to get a normal address back (although you can enter longitude/latitude like that for addresses if you felt so inclined).
    • We're still generating some oddball routes and we're chasing those down. Please keep letting us know of any odd ones you see.
  • 8/10/16 August

    Lots of routing improvements

    Routed miles was always lagging our goal but we just blew throuh the 1,000,000 miles routed mark too! We've accomplished our launch goals, but still have a lot of stability, accuracy and features to add.

    Today was about fixing odd routes and improving charge calculation times:

    • We completely overhauled the charge calculation times. You'll see no more negative numbers and the estimates will be more inline with what Tesla estimates.
    • Many specific fixes for routes submitted by users (you guys know who you are!)
    • Some Superchargers were actually missing from our database, that's been fixed.
    • Lots of other many small fixes as usual.

    Launch Users Goal


    Launch Miles Routed Goal


  • 8/9/16 August

    Wow! Plus a lot of improvements

    Our user count was increasing nicely and we were over 200 and going well. Then Teslarati posted news about us and the site lit up. Later other sites like Tesla Motors Club and others picked up the news and things really skyrocketed. We've been hanging on for the ride and trying to keep everything stable.

    Today was about survival:

    • People kept hitting crazy DB corruption messages. That was due to a caching method we were using for temporary route data. That method didnt work and has been completely replaced and that problem hasn't been seen since.
    • Round Trip is now supported by (very) popular request.
    • Many cases of odd charge times, charge levels, etc have been chased down and fixed.
    • Contact us subject line length allowed increased.
    • CSV data now includes the total kWh used for each step.
    • We are currently "mail server challenged" as our provider (Zoho Mail) is cutting off outgoing emails that hit a certain rate (250...) per hour and they're unable to fix that. We're working on options to get around this. Meanwhile if you dont get your registration email please try again in a while.
    • Each time you see a red routing error message we are notified and are fixing those behind the scenes, but it helps if you let us know what you were doing at the time via the contact page.
    • Many requests for better mobile support for the routing page. We know and will be working on it. Lots of other feature requests too.
    • We've also added many other small fixes and improvements under the covers.

    Keep the requests and reports coming and help spread the word about EVTripping.com!

    Launch Users Goal


    Launch Miles Routed Goal


  • 8/6/16 August

    Many improvements

    We continue to get a lot of constructive feedback including enhancement requests and bug reports.

    We just rolled out these improvements by request:

    • Payload shown in kg if using metric units.
    • When a route can't be calculated it now actually tells you so and a bit about why it couldnt route.
    • When routing an area thats not where you're routing from the map will no longer scroll away from your map location.
    • We've always supported round trips by entering the the start and destination address as the same address and then other waypoints in the middle. We found a good challenge in some round trips where a leg could be routed without chargers but that left the next leg short of charge to return. That has been fixed.
    • Weather is updated much more frequently for more accurate routing/energy usage.
    • Times displayed in route history are now based on your browser timezone
    • Route details download is now localized for your units
    • Plus many other small fixes and improvements under the covers.

    Keep the requests and reports coming and help spread the word about EVTripping.com!

    Launch Users Goal


    Launch Miles Routed Goal


  • 8/2/16 August

    Crazy 24 hours

    Its been a crazy 24 hours. We hit a few crashes in the early hours yesterday which were quickly fixed. We had a number of European users asking if routing was supported over there (it is and should work fine -- let us know if something is broken). We also had our European users asking for displays in their native units and we just added additional user preferences to let you set those how you'd like.

    Some updated stats are below. We got a good influx of users but not much routing going on yet.

    Launch Users Goal


    Launch Miles Routed Goal


    BTW, for those geeks watching: Did you know you can route from foo to bar? Its a nice drive of 875 miles and requires you to stop at 5 Superchargers along the way and take a ferry :p

  • 8/1/16 August

    EVTripping open to public

    We started letting others beyond the early Alpha/Beta testers know about EVTripping and start tracking our progress to the first 100 users and first million miles routed.

    Launch Users Goal


    Launch Miles Routed Goal


  • 7/1/16 July

    You can connect your Tesla now

    EVTripping now allows you to connect your Tesla for collecting log data to generate summary data and remind you to rotate your tires etc.

  • 6/15/16 June

    We get a logo

    EVTripping gets a logo and we do a major update the site look and feel to the final design based on logo colors, fonts etc. We finally leave the awkward years as we grow into our new form.

  • 5/5/16 May

    Many Alpha updates

    We did a lot of security updates and fixes and made numerous changes from the great feedback from our alpha testers. New user signup worklows were fixed, a ton of typos, etc.

  • 4/30/16 April

    EVTripping Alpha starts

    Our Alpha site deployed via Docker and AWS and our super-helpful Alpha testers invited for feedback.

  • 4/25/16 April

    EVTripping is born

    The project finally gets a name as EVTripping.com. The site is still in its early stages. Print functionality and trip export added.

  • 4/11/16 April

    Many Routing improvements

    Routing is a difficult problem in general as there are a lot of variables and changing situations. Which route is best, what chargers you use, etc all can change based on weather, your car, how fast you drive, etc. We made many improvements to routing including now supporting routes with >8 waypoints (a Google restriction), performance improvements, etc. Improvements in this area will be an ongoing task.

  • 3/15/16 March

    We added a basic user interface

    We started to add the basics of a user interface on what we call our "routing engine" to allow people to enter starting addresses, destinations etc.

  • 2/27/16 February

    Basic routing is working!

    We created a command line tool to do basic trip routing including factoring in elevation and weather. It was slow, and had a lot of text, but had the information we needed and was just in time to use it for the inspirational road trip from MA to FL.

  • 2/22/16 February


    We started thinking about and researching a better approach to Tesla trip routing after struggling to prepare for an upcoming long road trip to Florida and back. The inability to add our own waypoints, see charge times, print directions, etc led us to thinking that more tools are needed to help EV owners plan road trips.


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