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    Introducing EVTripping
    We make your EV road trips less stressful.
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    Electric Vehicle road trip planning made easy
    We are EV enthusiasts and owners providing
    tools to make EV road trips more enjoyable.
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    Over 72.2 million miles routed
    We are EV enthusiasts providing
    tools to make EV road trips more enjoyable.

Intelligent Routing

We deal with the fancy math and hard decisions so you don't have to.

Take us everywhere

Your trips go with you to all your devices and your settings are preserved -- or download or print your route.

Use us enroute

Our location-aware chargers page shows fast chargers and amenities close by.

EVTripping Features

Intelligent Routing

Routing algorithms take into account best times to charge, how to minimize the number of stops, the best route to minimize overall time, etc.

Lots of details

We're providing all the information you could need about charging rates, power used, elevation changes. And we also include details about amenties about the chargers you'll visit including a quick access page for local chargers.

Works on all your devices

We've taken extra time and care to make sure EVTripping will work on all your devices -- including the Tesla in-car browser!


We provide lots of options around preferred charges, chargers to avoid, charge comfort levels, etc. Adjust your preferences to suit your needs.

Time Savings

EVTripping saves your recent trip so you can easily pick up where you left off on your planning on another device. Your trip history is also preserved so you can quickly recall a prior trip.

Data Geeks

Since we're data geeks we're collecting all sorts of aggregate data on routes and site performance. We have a lot more planned for the future.


Below are some fun stats on EV trips planned on this site. More metrics are avaialble on the EVTripping Metrics page.

72.2 million miles

Distance routed


Routes Calculated

11,899 miles

Longest route


Most waypoints

Planning and taking an EV road trip has never been easier. What are you waiting for?

If you can plan your trip easily, you can reach your destination.
Lets get tripping!

- EVTripping -


Through our limited beta access period we've already been encouraged to hear what people have had to say about EVTripping. We'd love to hear your feedback too.

We used EVTripping on a recent journey up the California coastline in a Tesla Model X hunkered down with passengers and camera equipment, and found this service to come in quite handy. Even through frequent elevation changes, you guys managed to predict our energy consumption even better than Tesla‘s onboard Trip Planner. Bravo! Keep up the great work. Oh, and we love the Route History feature!

thumb Gene
Founder, Teslarati

I love commuting in my Model S, but longer trips scared me. With EVTripping I can now plan and print my trip whenever I want and then when i'm on the road I can check on upcoming chargers and the things that are nearby.

thumb Steve
Owner, Tesla Model S